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* Tamil Thozhil Ulagam magazine carries the features such as Business and Industry news, Industry performance analysis, New projects and products, Export Avenues, Success stories of Entrepreneurs, Banking and Finance, Investment opportunities, Personal Finance & Investment, Marketing Strategies, Government Policies and Taxation etc..

* Tamilaga Vivasayee Ulagam magazine carries the features such as Agriculture, Olericulture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Organic Farming, Plantation Crops, Agri Business and Banking, Irrigation System, Medical Plants, Export Potential, Spice Cultivation, Seeds and Seedlings, Poultry/Dairy Farming, Agriculture farm implements, etc..

* Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore has honoured Tamilaga Vivasayee Ulagam with its Best Service Recognition Award for Rural Development for its contributions.

* Both Tamil Thozhil Ulagam and Tamizhaga Vivasayee Ulagam (Tamil monthly) magazines are registered with Registrar of Newspaper for India with Reg.No. 61634/1994 and 72326/1999 respectively.

* There are number of agents and subscribers spread all over the southern states of India. Also our magazines are dispatched to VIPs around India and to many Government libraries in the state of Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Andhaman & Nicobar Islands. And we are proud to say that readers for our magazines are increasing .

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